Police hold eight Belgians after riots at FC Den Bosch

Eight Belgians have been arrested after the riots in Den Bosch.

That report According to the police, there were about fifty fans from Liège, take the bus to Den Bosch, but they had no tickets for the match. The supporters destroyed on and around the stadium several things and when it became clear that they because of lack of valid entry tickets to the stadium not in would come, turned the group against the agents.


For the return trip to Belgium, the bus was embedded and to the police station. The police checked the Belgians, a for a and in the bus were under more bivakmutsen and narcotic drugs. Eight people were arrested, which the police there are seven explicitly with violence in connection brings. The rest of the passengers allowed to return to Belgium to leave.

The Bosch recherche is Saturday began with a follow-up study, in which the defendants are heard, and images are viewed. As possible, there will still be more suspects in the picture.


Also after the match between FC Den Bosch and FC Twente went wrong, when fans of the tukkers from the bezoekersvak vomiting and the field entered. They sought the confrontation with supporters of FC Den Bosch and threw under more billboards in the direction of the hometown audience. The Twente supporters were, however, quickly returned to their own stand hunted before things could really escalate.

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