Paul de Leeuw says sorry in cookbook

Paul de Leeuw

Paul selected recipes from twelve leading culinary authors, including Sergio Herman, Joop Braakhekke, Joris Bijdendijk and Janneke Vreugdenhil. “I am not of the healthy recipes, so please accept my excuse. Smoothies or healthy salads do me not so much” excuses Paul in advance. “I’ve tried recipes that are suitable for young people, singles, beginners in the kitchen and likkebaardjes”, tells The Lion about the book that buyers of cookbooks to Sunday, november 18 gift get from the bookstore.

Itself Paul has a rich collection of cookbooks. There were at a given moment so much that he was a part to the thrift store brought. “If I have a cookbook browsing, I look first at the pictures,” he writes. “If the photos or the drawings and I can please, I’m looking for one recipe in the book. And if I then have the feeling that I, the court may make, even after drinking three glasses of wine, the cookbook purchased.”


The tv-and theatre-maker peppered his book with appropriate stories. In the recipe Labaneh of Jigal Newspaper, winner of The Golden Cookbook 2018, he tells anecdotes about a trip to Israel. Paul: “I’m in love with Tel Aviv and the cookbook TLV of Jigal Newspaper. So, I am at home in Tel Aviv.”

Each dish writes Paul also a funny and concise review. So tips he in any recipe which music will fit and what mood you need while eating. So he turns to the cook from TLV prefer music of the Israeli songfestivalkandidaat Harel Skaat. And the effect of the recipe Labeneh, with pistachio and granaatappelpitten judge Paul: “You want your string to attract, and somewhere in the sand and lie down with a beer. The pitfall is that you after eating out of your string bursts.”

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