Offender Melbourne inspired by IS

SYDNEY – The perpetrator of the fatal stabbing in Melbourne was allied to Islamic State. That the Australian police journal. The man had Friday with a knife on bystanders plugged in and his car filled with gas cylinders in fire. The attacker died in the hospital after agents he had shot.

“There are links with Islamic State,” said acting commissioner Ian McCartney of the Australian federal police. According to McCartney, however, there is more involved that the perpetrator was inspired by IS that there is direct contact.

The police has the identity of the offender is published. It comes to 30-year-old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali. The passport of the of origin the Somali Shire Ali was in 2015 will be declared void, after investigations it was revealed that he was on the verge to travel to Syria. Although the security services had found that he radicalised was found, when they that he posed no threat to national security.

The brother of the culprit was in november last year arrested. The police suspected him to be planning an attack in Melbourne to commit during the new year. He is stuck in anticipation of a lawsuit.

Islamic State had previously claimed responsibility for the attack, which, in addition to the culprit one person was killed and two people were injured.

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