Not a successful wedding night for Willy Naessens

In the beginning of the summer married Willy Naessens with Marie-Jeanne. The entrepreneur told a press conference about the success of the wedding night. The businessman decided to set up around 3 in the morning his bed, while Marie-Jeanne, until the early hours of the morning wanted to party. When she was beside her husband wanted to lie down, it went wrong. The bedroom door was found in an anti-inbraakslot to have fallen. For Marie-Jeanne, there was nothing else on the wedding night in the guest room. The night afterwards made Willy Naessens to say that all is well.

Their marriage was an amount of 150,000 euros were collected that was donated to a number of charities. They were asked to the people to make a donation as a wedding gift, because they already have everything. That yielded so $ 125,000, which the entrepreneur has decided to have another 25,000 euros.

(Nico Vanaken)

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