Neymar reacts very excited on Football Leaks


Therein, it would appear that the Brazilian star from PSG monthly 375,000 euros deserves to be on the ethical rules, such as waving to the fans of the France club, to keep. The ’Fake news’, according to the gepikeerde attacker.

The ’ethical contributions’ to the French club PSG, the past few days for quite a lot of controversy in the football world. According to leaked documents would be the players of PSG with additional funds to comply with the house rules of the club. Such as: be on time, mediaverplichtingen perform and also the supporters greetings.

Neymar would also annually some thirty million euros to earn purely and only in the Instagram stories of team mate and compatriot Thiago Silva to appear.

A moment later, showed the Brazilian footballer with a gepikeerde comment that the whole agitation is on him to do something. “I don’t know what the worst thing is that the source or those that respond to”, he responded on an article of the Brazilian Globe Sport. “Gang of ill-informed idiots. I get tired of this malicious press. Thank you, God, for every gallon of patience you gives me.”

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