Monica Geuze plays football wife in movie

Monica Geuze

The vlogster has a small role alongside well-known actors as Elise Schaap, Maarten Heijmans and Michiel Romeijn. She plays a woman who is with a footballer. “That is pretty close to myself. But they divorced, and I hope that that is absolutely not correct,” says the girlfriend of a professional footballer Lars van Veldwijk.

Do not think that she is just another artist that, if necessary, should be acting. “I think it will be fun to do, but it is not so that I’ve always been an ambition I’ve had to act.” Yet she’s rather ’yes’ to a film: in 2016, she played in the Village itself.

The film What is love? is about a lawyer who has lots of money for his law firm by violent separations and on the verge of a partner. But he must before the competition enters with a lawyer Cato, who, however, in the love believe. Previously told Monica in a vlog about her role in the story already: “It’s really megaklein, but very fun to do.”

The film is directed by Aniëlle Webster, who, among others, that Housewives do not exist and the film and tv series of Mees Kees directed. The film will come in december 2019.

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