Mathijs F. Scheepers committed to premature birth

On Saturday, november 17 is the WereldPrematurenDag. That day, too early born children and the complications that prematurity brings with it in the viewer. Actor, Mathijs F. Scheepers, peter is the association of The Small Hero. With his voorsteling Sue Me Modderfokker, he is in January 2019 again on the shelves. Both are in the sign of premature birth.

“The Little Hero is an association that clothes for premature babies and star children”, says Mathijs, himself a father of a prematurely born son. “The Little Hero do that for free. The association is not for profit, but to give solace. It seems banal, clothes for small children. It is of the utmost importance. Clothes as they are in the shelving to hang, do not exist on the size of prematurely born children. In addition, scraping and damage common substances the already thin skin of the child,” says Mathijs. The clothes of The Little Hero offer solace.

Sue Me Modderfokker is from January to may 2019 to see again in Antwerp, Bruges, Deerlijk, Tessenderlo, Beveren and Ghent. More info .

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