Martens: “This may we not be more’ hands-off’

Lieke Martens has the 2-0 made.

“This we can no longer give away”, said the left of the Orange after the 3-0 in Utrecht against Switzerland. “We have three goals made and home to the ‘zero’ will be held. Better actually can’t.”

The team of coach Sarina Wiegman knew the krachtsverschil only after rest to convert in goals. “We have a lot of chances created, but that ball wanted to be there but not in. Nevertheless, we are not for a moment in panic. In the rest we said to each other: if we continue, the goals come naturally. It was good that Sherida at the beginning of the second half, that free kick inside womb. Then fell also the second and third hit,” said Martens, who is himself the 2-0 for her take over. “We need to return checked off. Such a good starting position, we are not allowed more hands-off.”

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