Lawyer: ’Slutsky wants to jam with me on the photo

Dick Advocaat

“I know Dick Advocaat is very good and I am happy to see him again, but it is not a game of Slutsky Attorney at law. It’s going to Vitesse and FC Utrecht,” said Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky.

Very popular

Slutsky speaks with praise about the Lawyer, that he was in the Russian league has come to know as the trainer of the opponent. “He is the best trainer of all times from Zenit Saint Petersburg because he is not only champion of Russia, but also has the UEFA Cup and European Super Cup winners. He is still very popular in Russia.”

The mutual respect is mutual. Advocate finds Slutsky is an enrichment for the Premier league. “A good man. In itself it is a good thing as people with other ideas even get a chance. We find it very normal as a Dutch coach in Russia at the start. Why not the other way around? This is a trainer with a great reputation. He has one of the largest clubs, if not the biggest club in Russia (CSKA Moscow, ed.). And also very successful. Anyway, you are a top coach when you get five, six years at a club can work. Otherwise, you can hold it.”


Also Lawyer can, in the first match against Slutsky remember quite well. Especially to what happened after that duel happened. “I already had a certain reputation of the Dutch national team, Glasgow Rangers, South Korea, and he only came just to look. After that race he wanted me in the picture. That he will now no longer do, I think.”

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