Latin-American migrantenkaravaan resume the tour in the direction of United States

Despite fatigue and illness some five thousand Latin American immigrants Saturday morning Mexico City leaving and their journey to the United States resumed.

Five trains brought the migrants to the outskirts of the urban agglomeration of Mexico City. Hence, they migrate on foot to the city of Queretaro, and so further to the north in the direction of Tijuana to the border. A day earlier, also had a group of about 1,300 migrants, the Mexican capital has already left. She resided for the past six days at a sports complex in the east of the metropolis.

After them, in vain, to buses of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees had asked, decided the migrants Thursday night at a meeting for their trip to the United States to resume. The caravan departed in mid-October in Honduras, where people the poverty and the violence fled. They laid more than 1,500 kilometers. Some are hooked, others joined the caravan.

During the campaign for the mid-term elections for the American parliament warned president Donald Trump for ‘an invasion’. He mobilized thousands of soldiers to the migrants at the border to stop. It appears to them for the time being not to scare off. ‘By all the temperature fluctuations we are ill, but we are determined to get to the border and beyond, ensured the 27-year-old Hondurees Wilson Alexander Mejía.

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