Lady Gaga had previously psychological help is needed

Gaga suffered many times with depression and post-traumatic disorders. “I wanted a system that I could protect and guide, a system to me to say no to things that I thought I had to do. A system that I had allowed to stay away from toxic environments, or to work with bad people. There were days that I struggled, or not to my work. I don’t want that again helps prevent other artists this happens to you.”

Lady Gaga went during her speech, almost 25 minutes extended to her own mental crisis, which led her to seek professional help. “I started to notice that I blacked out and got a few minutes in front of me stared. I saw flashes of things where I was being harassed and that I had tucked away in my head to protect myself. That proved to be symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and I missed the professionals to me.” They explained that these mental symptoms ultimately leading to physical, chronic pain, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. “A long list, but that list has changed my life, and not for good.”

She had previously help to look for, she concluded. “I’m telling you this because to me it was too late. I had previously mental health need. Someone who has the darkness inside me would see where I struggled.”

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