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KV Mechelen grabs first periodetitel for 15,000 spectators

KV Mechelen has the first periodetitel in 1B on the bag. The red cross knocked on any competitor with 2-1 after goals from Van Damme and Engvall. The only blemish on the victory: goalkeeper Verrips had finally won after six matches in a row the zero. No Kakker there after the contest of wake up lag.

‘30.000 Clean Hands’. With a large tifo shouted out the Malinwa-supporters for the kick-off again their innocence in the scandal that their club already for weeks in the grip. Not that the players a lot of seemed to have. In dark times they took care of for a beacon of light in the felgeplaagde fans with the biggest names series by the Belgian professional football the last few years has known. Six of the seven opponents in the Proximus League were each in turn neatly into three pieces filleted. With the visit of Union was KV the chance to see the collection of drieklappers to complete and the nearest competitor on six points.

Simple, that would not be for nine games without defeat were the Inhabitants, even longer unbeaten than the yellow-and-red steamroller in 1B. The tie (1-1) in their own home against Lommel last weekend, however, proved the death blow for their chances on the periodetitel. Only a win with five goals difference or more could still to the first finaleticket help.

Nevertheless, claimed Wouter Vrancken sharpness from the second one of his team. And that got the Truiense trainer also. Although the Union also nice was the first chance for KV. Kaya and Schoofs knutselden a wonderful attack. The Camargo decided a thick metres apart. Just before the half hour, climbed the home team the lead. A charming corner of Schoofs was again for the purpose brought by Kaya. Van Damme nodded the 1-0 over Saussez. Assist number seven of Kaya, kopbaldoelpunt number four this season for Van Damme – he scored also another one for Waasland-Beveren.

Clubrecord on the game

On the other side had goalkeeper Verrips everything from the cabinet to have a chance to continue on the mythical clubrecord of Michel Preud’homme of the season 86-87. MPH stayed as a young goalkeeper of KV 815 consecutive minutes without tegengoal. The counter Verrips was yesterday for the kick-off at 595 minutes since Mbokani him one last time, could flooring in the cup. The attacking force of Union targeted the Dutch keeperstalent with good efforts of the Tau and topschutter Niakaté but the Director didn’t flinch. De Camargo got just before the break a great chance for the 2-0 but he kicked right on Saussez.

Also after the break it appeared that the second period in 1B still more excitement can cause than anyone might think. KV doubled quickly his lead with a intikker of Engvall after a afgeweerde cross from Van Cleemput, but the 2-0 counted Union is far from out. On the contrary even. The team of Luka Elsner stronger a handful of minutes later, already back in the match. On a uitdraaiende corner of Selemani put Peyre his head on the ball and was Director there after almost 11 hours without tegengoal – 653 minutes to be exact – for the effort. The record of Preud’homme is for a moment secure. Just after the hour came Union even eerily close to the equalizer. A delicious swipe of the Tau burst apart on the bar.

Vrancken saw the danger and threw The White and Matthys two veterans in the fight. The threat by the visitors came back what are and KV went looking to finish him off. On an excellent opening of Schoofs threw Kaya from an oblique angle Saussez. Union did not succeed more in to K. of his eighth competitiezege in a row to keep and will from next week have a chance to be the second finaleticket to rijven.

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