Karl Vannieuwkerke ideal host Never At War

Sunday there is the marathonuitzending Never At War. Presenter Karl Vannieuwkerke tells Gazet Van Antwerpen a great grandfather to have had whose leg to shreds, was shot during world war I. “He was afterwards for many years a guide in the Long Max museum in Koekelare, where a large German gun that they Dunkirk, have shot. He boasted with a photo where he stands up along with a man with a black hat. He told me that the only real Winston Churchill was, but that was not so. He could not resist constantly about the war to tell. As a child, growing up in that front region, you will sooner or later get in touch with the legacy of the war. We went to play on British war graves. In the garden or in a field were we always stretch or shells. In recent years, the oorlogstoerisme in the region significantly. Especially with that commemoration is take it out of its joint. There are also less pleasant facets to oorlogstoerisme. So there were chocolate shells and bullets are sold.”

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