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Jan Fabreplein in Nieuwpoort loses all his name

The Jan Fabreplein in Nieuwpoort, must service road harbor channel called. The allegations of sexual harassment by the artist have nothing to do.

Just four months after the opening of the Jan Fabreplein in Nieuwpoort, the name should change to service road take a short.

The Agency for Domestic Administration of the Flemish government, the decision of the Nieuwpoortse city council destroyed to the square to be named to the artist.

The name Jan Fabreplein was immediately controversial, because a square is actually not a living person should be named. But sure when in september bekendraakte that Fabre was accused of sexual harassment, humiliations, and abuse of power, increased the protest of the Nieuwpoortse opposition.

Mayor Geert Vanden Broucke (CD&V) and the majority were not initially ompraten, but now they are the meantime, by the government. Rules are rules.

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