Hollywood stars fear for their villas

Malibu, California/Lady Gaga

“I get no contact with my parents Martin and Janet Sheen”, wrote Charlie on Twitter. He let us know that they at Zuma Beach living. “If anyone sees them, let me please know that they are safe in this terrifying scenario.” Fortunately knew the Sheens themselves in safety. “Emilio, Ramone, Renee, Charlie, it goes well with us”, lifted Martin to his four children in front of the camera of a local transmitter. “We sleep tonight, probably in the car. There is nothing wrong with us. We hope that it also goes well with you.”

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Kim Kardashian needs to flee from natural fires

Kylie Jenner, Cher, Iggy Azalea and Will Smith have meanwhile fear for their property. “The fire is close by. I’m afraid”, said Cher is on Twitter. “I make me worry about my house, but I can do nothing.” Iggy is now “seriously anxious.” “I currently can’t go home to my stuff.” Will Smith was by his anxious daughter Willow was summoned to go and have a look how far the sea of flames away from their villa. “It is very scary. We are prepared to evacuate as soon as we receive advice. If you are in the evacuatiezone, go now,” warned the actor on Instagram.

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‘House of Caitlyn Jenner burned down in Malibu

When the fires are now nine people to life. Thursday came by the flames of five people in the small town of Paradise. The victims were burned in their cars. A day later, the bodies of four victims found. Thousands of people have fled. More than 6.700 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the fire.

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