Fabrizio inconsolable after exit Dancing With The Stars

It’s over and out for Fabrizio in Dancing With The Stars. The Temptation-deceiver wore during the Flashback episode, his emotional rumba on ‘Human’ Rag’n’Bone Man – to his father, who in 2012 rescued from his drug addiction. The jury gave 25 points for his performance, making him the second-to-last place in return. The viewers didn’t know him in the game. Fabrizio is after four weeks of the third well-known Flemish people that the dance competition has to leave. Sien Eggers, and Peter Van Asbroeck went to him for. Now there are six dance couples will receive about.

Fabrizio Tzinaridis: “Dancing With The Stars came at the ideal time in my life. It was a challenge and I got myself all the way threw. I had not expected that it would be done, but I have me amused. I want to be sure Margot also to thank you for everything over the last few weeks!”
Fabrizio’s powers of deduction were all on point, but still splashed the passion in the beginning is not right from. There was clearly still work on his dancing skills, but eventually learned to Flanders a whole other side to know of Fabrizio, one with a sense of rhythm. He proved it by each week to fully engage in the various styles of dance. The colorful appearance knew his real issues and did everything possible to be in the spotlight to dance. With a fiery paso doble, samba, modern dance and a rumba, he knew the jury more and more to convince of his ability, but the bar really high.
The big winner of the evening for the jury, it was Ian Thomas with an absolute top score of 36 points. He did an emotional contemporary dance on his turbulent period in the United States on ‘Alive’ by Sia.

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