Eva Daeleman heavily bullied

Qmusic-dj and Red Nose Day ambassador, Sam De Bruyn launched specially for Red Nose Day podcast: The Class of Sam . Sam draws every week to the high school of a well-known Flemish people. There, they talk an hour long about their time at school. This week, invited Sam Eva Daeleman in her former classroom in the Royal Atheneum Keerbergen. She talks openly about her dark period at boarding school. A place where they are very unlucky, not only by loneliness and homesickness, Eva was also very bullied.

Eva Daeleman: from big mouth to a bird for the cat for the bullies at the boarding school

“ My time at boarding school, I was always super independent. At boarding school, I am 24/7 a frightened bird. I was literally a bird for the cat when it came to bullies. Previously, I was asked to leave the school because I have a big mouth and was on boarding school, I dared nothing more to say ”, began Eva her story. Sam got to that Eva is exactly the debt takes that she was bullied. “I think there is still a large schaamtestuk is, that I when my mouth could not open. I simply had not the strength to do for myself. As time went by, I became sicker and sicker, and I had every week or something. I did that once to my parents dare to tell. For me it was easier to say: I miss home, then I would say that I was bullied. I really felt a mega weakling”, went Eve further.

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