Erdogan plays recordings by Riyadh, Washington and Paris after murder of Saudi journalist Kashoggi

Turkey has been recording in connection with the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul shared with Saudi Arabia, the United States and other countries. That president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

“We have the pictures given to Saudi Arabia, and to Washington, to the Germans, the French, the English,” declared Erdogan on Saturday during a televised press conference.

The entourage of Erdogan clarified later that the partners involved, the recordings could listen to, but that there are no written documents are shared. “They have the conversations here took place listened to, they are informed,” she said.

Kashoggi, an employee of The Washington Post, was on 2 October by a Saudi command were killed during a visit to the consulate in Istanbul, where he documents his marriage, wanted to arrange.

‘Saudi government’

The Saudi authorities denied first his death, but had to gradually admit that the journalist was killed during an operation that was not approved by Riyadh.

At the beginning of this month suggested Erdogan, in The Washington Post that “the highest levels of the Saudi government,” the murder had ordered, without, however, king Salman, with the finger pointing. The Turkish press continues to be the involvement of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman suggest.

Certain media and Turkish officials spoke too soon of pictures of the murder that Ankara would have. The Turks would those recordings have been sharing with CIA director Gina Reel during a visit to Turkey at the end of October. The existence of such recordings is not yet officially confirmed.


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