Derk Jan Eppink choose for the party of Baudet

Derk Jan Eppink (60) is European leader for the Dutch party Forum for Democracy, the party of Thierry Baudet.

Eppink, who is still a political journalist with The Standard, is now a columnist for the Volkskrant. But he stops, because the newspaper is not an active politician as a columnist.

The appointment of Eppink would still have to be approved during the party congress of the FCD. It is the first time that the party participates with the European elections.

Baudet is after all, not a fan of the current European Union.

He was known as one of the initiators of GeenPeil, that in the Netherlands a referendum on the European association agreement with Ukraine relay. In that referendum returned a majority against the treaty. In march 2017, took the party participated in the parliamentary elections and won 2 seats.

Eppink worked previously in Brussels, including european commissioner Frits Bolkestein. Also in our country, he enjoys some fame, as a former journalist for, among others, The Standard and the Knack, and as a politician.

Eppink was for List Dedecker in the European parliament. At the previous European elections, he was lijstduwer at the Dutch VVD.

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