Delhi weighed down by smog, minister with holiday

NEW DELHI – While the city of New Delhi weighed down by a suffocating smog, is the highest political boss under fire because he was out of town for a familietripje to Dubai fled.

The responsible chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi to two times as compared to a “gas chamber” due to the immense air pollution. That reached the last days of record highs, including by fireworks after the hindoefeest Diwali and the combustion of oogstafval by farmers. That smog came in addition to the usual pollution from cars, motorcycles, industrial and construction work.

The message about the familietrip on tv stations in Delhi led to a lot of fuss on social media. “Arvind Kejriwal provides so well for his family he quickly, tickets booked, and the district took to Dubai, as soon as Delhi chokes hit by air pollution”, was on Twitter noted.

Due to the smog, all the building activities in Delhi from the government shut down. Also heavy trucks allowed in there until Monday, don’t drive.

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