Decreasing signal black box Lion device

JAKARTA – The search in the java sea to the cockpitvoicerecorder of the crashed passenger plane of Lion Air is hampered by a slowly declining tone.

The data recorder of the Lion Air aircraft.

“The signal is difficult to catch and is disappearing”, says Haryo Satmiko of the National Committee for transport safety in Indonesia. New and more sensitive equipment is now used in order to obtain the second black box, the data of conversations in the cockpit. Previously it was the other black box of the aircraft salvaged, in which the flight data are stored.

The nearly new Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Lion Air crashed at the end of October shortly after take-off down in the java sea. All 189 occupants were killed. Indonesian authorities suspect that a specific sensor a malfunction, so that incorrect information about air currents were passed. This can lead to mold, also known as a stall where the wings of their financial capacity losses and the device is soon going to fall, or falls from the sky. Manufacturer Boeing has airlines and pilots explained how that can be prevented.

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