Deaths due to fires in California

California – wildfires in California have Friday expanded further. By several burn thousands of people have fled. According to the authorities, there are also fatal victims of the cases, but it is not yet known how much, said rampenbestrijdingsleider Mark Ghilarducci Friday at a press conference.

Thursday came by the flames of five people to life in the small town of Paradise. The victims appeared were burned in their cars. Due to the serious burns was identification is not immediately possible, said the sheriff of Butte County.

In the north of the state on the west coast of the United States was Friday already an area of approximately 28,000 acres in fire. According to the authorities of the 15,000 houses in the district of Butte County threatened by the flames. Photos from the small town of Paradise showed thick, black smoke and burning buildings. In the 27.000 inhabitants counting city were at least a thousand buildings were destroyed.

Also in the south is raging, two larger fires. There was the well-known coastal town of Malibu to be partially evacuated.

Ghilarducci described the extent of the damage caused by the fires as “heartbreaking.” Approximately 157.000 people had to leave their homes.

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The national meteorological service, spoke of the extreme conditions and warned of more fires due to the prolonged drought and temperatures here.

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