Dead after heavy rainfall in Jordan

AMMAN – heavy rains which came at least eight people to life in Jordan. In the vicinity of the capital Amman died, according to local media, at least four people by the storm. A major road link through the land had to be shut down. Last week came the 21 people killed by floods in the country.

Devastating floods in Madaba, some thirty kilometers south of the capital Amman.

Due to the heavy rainfall, thousands of visitors of the ancient rock citadel of Petra in Jordan brought to safety. Approximately 3700 tourists had to the well-known archaeological site by the floods to leave, according to the authorities.

The rock citadel of Petra, located in the south of the Arab country, is one of the largest attractions in the Middle East, and since 1985 a UNESCO world heritage site. Famous, especially the six hundred tombs in the rock faces have been carved.

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