Brother Boris Johnson get on as a minister

LONDON – The British minister of state Jo Johnson of Transport gives it as his brother Boris had given up on dissatisfaction with the brexit negotiations. He made Friday that he is departing because he doesn’t follow the agreement can stand that prime minister Theresa May with the European Union wants to close.

“It’s me has become increasingly clear that the terugtrekkingsovereenkomst in Brussels and Whitehall is completed, even at the time of writing, a terrible mistake will be”, left Johnson in an online publication know. According to him, is the United Kingdom by the agreement, economic harm. But if no agreement is reached, that the land, according to him would do no good.

Johnson, who in 2016 against the brexit voted, calls for a second referendum on the British departure. The spokesperson May let all know that “under no circumstances” a second referendum.

Jo’s brother Boris Johnson explained in July his function as minister of Foreign Affairs already down. The former mayor of London is one of the figureheads of the campaign to get the EU to leave. He has evolved into one of the most outspoken critics of the prime minister.

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