Broadcast military get video messages from loved ones

Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld and the Commander of the armed Forces lieutenant-admiral Rob Bauer during the tenth edition of Mission MAX.

Also, there were live video connections with the mission areas: Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lithuania and Mali. And with the Zr. Ms. Friesland, which in the Caribbean is sailing as stationsschip and under more antidrugsoperaties run. It was the eleventh edition of Mission is Max, an initiative of omroep Max. The pictures are around the holidays, back to see at NPO 1.

Defense minister Ank Bijleveld was also in Nijkerk. They tweeted about ” a day full of entertainment and shared sorrow for the #home of our broadcast soldiers’. Secretary of state Barbara Visser spoke of an initiative to the families with a heart under the belt to sting. “I realize very well that the absence of a military, many of you asks. In fact, running the home, a private broadcast. That you now are central, therefore, is nothing more than justified.”

Each soldier will ultimately receive a usb stick containing the recordings.

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