Belgian abortusexperts surprised: ’did not even Know that I named ben

BRUSSELS – at Least four Belgian abortusexperts are not known in their appointment in the new National Evaluation committee Zwangerschapsafbreking, report De Standaard and het Nieuwsblad on Saturday.

That commission was last week by Royal Decree in the official Gazette promulgated. The professor of gynecology Hendrik Cammu, connected to the Free University of Brussels, responds bemused at his appointment. “I can’t even remember that I ever candidate. Let alone that I was aware of my official appointment,” says Cammu in the newspapers.

Other members made themselves to be a candidate, but that was years ago and since then, they have little to nothing more was heard.

Since 2012 lack precise figures on zwangerschapsonderbrekingen. It was intended that the commission once every two years a report on the abortuspraktijk would release. The new commission has a difficult task: the first meeting is on 19 december and the beginning of February there would be all to the parliament, should be reported.

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