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Antwerp bones Club Brugge after victory against Oostende

Antwerp has a shared second place football in addition to Club Brugge after an efficient victory against a dogged playing of Ostend. Mbokani scored both Antwerp hits in a contest that is mainly for the rest was filled with controversial arbitral decisions. Oostende had a penalty in the early stages, Mbokani had perhaps the red earned that Oostendenaar Nkaka eventually got.

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KV Oostende

Like we were this report began with a passage about the quality of Dieumerci Mbokani and Lior Refaelov. Or about how the two each other stronger. But we can’t around. The VAR obliges us to start with how this contest affected. It started with a non-whistled penalty kick for KV Oostende. However, it was pretty clear. Ivo Rodrigues held his hands behind his back until the moment that the ball is in his near, and he makes a move. Referee Van Driessche had not seen it, videoref Christoph Delacour herbekeek the stage, but saw no hesitation in. Just before half-time to grab the VAR, however, in by a red card to Aristote Nkaka of KVO. There was something to be said for that, but at Ostend, they pointed to a similar error of Bolingi that just a yellow and perhaps the natrappen of Mbokani on Lombaerts that remained unpunished remained. And in between, was second then the lead came. A frustrating first half for Gert Verheyen and co.

On to the football but then. Because that can sometimes be very simple. You take a technically gifted player with a precise cross in to the feet. And a killer in the box. You let the one voorzetjes stairs and the other the finish. Well, that was short overall, the recipe of Antwerp in the first twenty minutes of the match. The protagonists in this ‘cunning plan’ called Lior Refaelov and Dieumerci Mbokani. For all clarity: Refaelov is the technically gifted player and Mbokani the killer. When trying one used Refaelov still Bolinigi as a way station, and went to the effort of Mbokani. Attempt two: a vrijschop of Rafa who Dieu on the post headlined. But you guessed it: third time, good time. Though they got some cooperation from the Belgian defence. The cross from Refaelov was by Vandendriessche for the nose of the hatching Ondoa in the feet of Mbokani gekopt. And that you have now once no free schietkans: 1-0. In the lock, drew Mbokani even for his second of the night, it was Refaelovs replacement Lamkel Zé for the assist provided.

On European course

It becomes more and more impressive. The statistics of that two. Three goals and five assists for Mbokani. Three goals and four assists for Refaelov. If those two guys the whole season at this level continue to play – and we hear that Mbokani only but can be better – than Antwerp, a team that is rightly a European ticket can aspire to. Antwerp is now level with Club Brugge in second place and counts in the middle of the season, 31 points. A (perhaps too) simple calculation shows that this in this way, 62 pieces at the end of the regular competition results. The last four seasons began with that score twice as a second and even two times as a leader of Play-off 1. Then you can do no blush to say that you are on the European track.

Despite the numerical predominance remained a great danger for a long time in the second half. There was one in favour of the Bolingi and Lombaerts got a corner even a good possibility for Ostend. But the first big chance of the second half came only in minute 63 when Jonathan Bolingi in front of her lap. Also afterwards remained quiet. To Lamkel Zé in the slot, the depth went and Mbokani his second of the night on a silver platter, 2-0, and books.

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