Andre Hazes comes to Schlagerfestival Hasselt

It took him Blood, sweat and tears, but with great distinction is André Hazes managed to, like his father, the Flemish hearts to conquer. The highlight was Saturday night, when he and his live band to a packed Antwerp based Lotto Arena effortlessly wrapped, to the great jolijt of his fans. After two previous, successful passes, the organizers of The pop music festival André Hazes can re-string as one of the headliners.
“I immediately said ‘yes’, because the past times in Hasselt are still on my retinas. I have been very well amused, on stage and backstage with my fellow artists. The pop festival is a warm bath of partying, meezingende people. There for all ages.”

For the first time in the history of the festival, the organisers with the ‘carnival’theme and André Hazes has quite an affinity: “my in-laws are traveling on the carnival. I also see links between the artiestenbestaan and kermisreizigers. It is both work hard and travel a lot.” The favorite photograph was made, André is the shooting stall. “But if I have 3 beers on it is dangerous. Then I think I’m Clint Eastwood am and I do crazy things,” he says, laughing. “Do me but the sweets and cotton candy, stalls where you yourself for days on end can destroy food.”

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