Also American stars on the run from the fire


With the forest fires in the American state of California is the official death toll has risen to nine. More than 150,000 people have been evacuated, especially 6.700 buildings -most homes have been destroyed. Also Lady Gaga and other stars from the region had to abandon their homes.

There is raging in California about fifteen large fires, including north of Sacramento and in the neighborhood of Los Angeles. The town of Paradise in the north of the state is almost completely destroyed by the ‘Camp Fire’, as the brand is called.

There are nine deaths. 35 people are still missing.

People died in their car when they the flames were trying to escape. According to the police were the charred victims are not yet identified.

The fire swept at more than fifty kilometers per hour. When the 27.000 inhabitants of their town, Paradise tried to flee, were there files. Some people reason with their vehicle by the flames, others beat on foot, on the run, with children and pets in their arms.

Also, hundreds of kilometres south of Paradise is raging, there are also violent, the Woolsey Fire’. That threatens the places Malibu and Calabasas, where many American stars live. Many of them, including Lady Gaga, Cher and director Guillermo del Toro, express their concern on Twitter. All the houses in the area have been evacuated. According to media reports, would the fire also the set of tv series ‘Westworld’ have been destroyed.

The villa of Kim Kardashian and someone’s head) West was a bit threatened but would the fire brigade of the fire were saved. Also, they had to escape to leave.

The actress Alyssa Milano showed via social media know she has her priorities you know. “I have only my children, dogs and Dr. Martens boots can take’, she writes. ‘The horses are to be evacuated by my trainer. Husband is in New York.”

The fires will be contested by certainly two thousand firemen, also from neighbouring states. Camp Fire stretches over 30,000 acres, while Woolsey Fire more than 14,000 acres, destroyed. Both fires are still not contained. The continued warm temperatures, extreme drought, and strong wind increase the fire hazard.

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