Woman claims million after wrong, discipline him on the bed

London – A woman who, after a wild seksavontuur to say was paralysed, claims a thick, 1.1 million euros of the bed.

Archive photo box-spring bed (not the bed from the story)

She is-in her own words during lovemaking is launched through the bedroom because the construction of the Super King size bed would not behave.

After years of litigation, the appellate court determined that the 46-year-old Claire Busby themselves to blame that they are now for the rest of her life in a wheelchair will have to spend.


By an unusual score and motion she got in 2013 disabled according to the judge, who, in his final conclusion said that the box spring bed, however, was bad.

Claire told during the public hearing that the error was gone when she was in the middle of the bed, kneeling tired and decided her legs under herself away from the swing and then with her head at the bottom of the mattress.

That acrobatic act was her undoing. “It felt like I was by a slingshot was shot”, she told the court. Claire finally came hard with her head on the ground. According to her, were the two box springs are not good to each other is xed.


Judge Barry Cotter called it no more and no less than a ’tragic accident’. No manufacturer had been able to predict that Claire and her new friend John for such a station would be negligible, according to the court. According to him, it was well put together by the supplier.

Also the ex of Claire is heard in the continuing lawsuit. According to him, is the woman who, in its opinion, seksverslaafd is, ’obsessed by money’, he tells The Sun. He doubted also openly to her claim.

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