WIDM-participant Merel Westrik lied about illness

“She was so sick. We sent a balloon” writes colleague Antoin Peeters on Instagram. Charlie responds immediately and offers her apologies. “I’m Sorry that you have the money spent on a ‘get well soon’balloon. And sorry to all the other colleagues at RTL News and friends and family who asked me how I was doing. It was secretly awesome, because I was allowed to join Who is the Mole?”

AvroTros Thursday announced ten names are known. The other candidates are presenter Evelien de Bruijn, actor Rick Paul van Mulligen, a journalist and programme maker Sinan Can, singer Nielson, Master Patissier Robèrt van Beckhoven, actress Sarah Chronis, presenter Jamie Trenité, tv presenter Evi Hanssen and YouTuber and makeup artist Nikkie de Jager.

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