Whitaker wants to ensure that research Mueller

WASHINGTON – The interim minister of Justice Matt Whitaker is not going to keep aloof from the investigation that the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to possible Russian interference in the American election campaign of 2016.

Trump made the resignation of Jeff Sessions announced via Twitter.

That writes The Washington Post, invoking the information from people from the immediate vicinity of Whitaker. This zegslieden think, moreover, that he does not have any summons on the address of Donald Trump in this matter will approve.

Whitaker replaces the fired Jeff Sessions until his successor is found. According to CNN, think Trump, among others, to Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, or Pam Bondi, attorney general of Florida. Both of them are loyal allies. The American news channel reported Thursday that the team of Mueller started with the writing of the final report.

Sessions withdrew from the research of Mueller after he discredited was struck by contacts with the Russian ambassador in the USA. To the impartiality, underline, he transferred the supervision to the second man in the department, Rod Rosenstein.

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