What a Year flashes us back to start VTM

February 1, 2019 celebrates VTM its 30-year existence, but in anticipation of that festivities, get Flanders is already a preview in the last episode of What a Year!, the nostalgic show that over the last few weeks was good for an average of 676.000 viewers and to 36.3% (VVA 18-54, live+7). Saturday 10 november times Koen Wauters, Jonas Van Geel and Nathalie Meskens, after all, back to 1989, the start of VTM, with two pioneers who were there on day one were: Dany Verstraeten, who was then with shaking legs his first news bulletin is received properly finished, and Francesca Vanthielen, who as a 16-year-old together with Koen the Super 50 presented. In the view of the archival footage, it seems as if time has barely a grip on her has had…

The start of VTM, that is, of course, also the start of the legendary music Ten To To See. ‘Arriba el Moral’ of Camaleon was the first act on the stage. Which team gets in the ” Who Is The round as the first singer of Camaleon from the group of 24 look-a-likes? And know the panel and the audience that Dany Verstraeten ever in Ten, To See, to see? A zatte evening on the VTM-where the report is ignored resulted in the release of a ‘Newsbeat’ single. How does Dany as he is with those images again faced?

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