Victims of Bart De Pauw in panic

It is today to the day one year ago that a bomb exploded in showbizzland. That night put Bart De Pauw is a striking video message online in which the end of its cooperation with the public broadcaster announced. there were complaints about him have come for the sake of challenging behaviour. The board of directors of the VRT had indeed decided to the collaboration with presenter, actor and director Bart De Pauw to stop. The VRT had about him several reports of cross-border behavior through which the trust was gone.

Meanwhile, we are one year further and the investigation into this case continues. But remarkably, Bart De Pauw, has a striking move placed: he wants the complaints against him was expressed in the prevention service view. Which complaints are in sealed envelopes and are to the public prosecutor. “Cases of unacceptable behaviour we take seriously, and be discreet and treated in confidence. We do not give any details about the content of the notifications. Out of respect for all involved. We support people who have to deal with challenging behaviour and encourage them to report this to our prevention advisor”, said the spokesman of the VRT a year ago.

But Bart De Pauw asks to inspect these pieces. According to The Latest News would be the attorney of Bart De Pauw’s question motivated by the safety officer of the VRT is absolutely no secrecy. The VRT would be for the establishment of the hotline sloppy to have been by the fiu to start outside of the welfare act.

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