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Vanhaezebrouck takes players in protection: “Think we can look back on a good race”

Despite the 2-0 defeat against Fenberbahce remained Anderlecht-coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck remarkably positive. Despite the lack of chances and defensive blunders for the goals, he took his young group in protection. “We weighed something too light to see the difference in numbers to be able to convert, but we were not too light in the game.”

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“A pity”, responded to Hein Vanhaezebrouck on the fact that Anderlecht are already after four days off. “But we have mainly ourselves to thank in the first three matches, in which we more points they should address. Now we played against the strongest opponent with the knife on the throat, and we had almost come to win. I think we all have done and think that we can look back on a good race with a lot of control and balcirculatie.”

“The only thing that was missing was strength for the purpose. There are enough dangerous. We have several balls in and around the sixteen but we have far too little to do. We were first to score: then we had perhaps been given greater scope and with our boys more dangerous. But now they have pushed, pushed until twenty minutes before time, until they eventually, that goal could make. And then we drop in together, that was the only flaw of the evening. For the rest I can the boys little blame, they are really full up.”

Young team

“Again: we have to leave in the previous matches”, was the judgment of the coach, “We were never eliminated but were not finished and took avoidable goals. It was the same every time, story and then you know that it will be difficult. That are signs that we still need to grow. Certain things should be much better but we also play here with a very young team that still needs to grow. Young people make mistakes, but those mistakes have to get out.”

“With this football, they are at certain clubs happy, but for anderlecht it must be something more. The football is in se ok, but the result does not follow, and then you know that there is at Anderlecht, the more pressure, people are dissatisfied, and everyone says that it is not enough. But I know what the problem is.”

No additional loss of face

“Of course I am disappointed,” decided Vanhaezebrouck. “I already have nicer courses taken in Europe. But we are this campaign improperly used and have nothing to do after. We weighed something too light to see the difference in numbers to be able to convert, but we were not too light in the game.”

And now? “I don’t want any extra drama of suffering in the last two duels. We need points grab for the Belgian coefficient and for the future of our team. I’m certainly not a B-team play the last parties.”

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