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Tweedeklassers consider to court steps after Football Leaks-news about Mouscron: ‘belgian football association looked the other way’

A football agent should a club not in the hands, but no one came to the belgian football association considered it ever been proven that the Israeli football agent Pini Zahavi actually the owner of Mouscron. Except for Pierre François, as appears from documents of Football Leaks that The Standard could refer to it.

In traffic with AS Monaco, two years ago, the candidate-buyer, showed the ceo of the Pro League to know that buyers are to Zahavi to turn. That the Pro League a year earlier, the other side looked up when the licences were granted, is hard for the clubs for the benefit of Mouscron degraded to 1B. Under more, OHL, and Westerlo consider (again) legal action.

‘Higher interests’

“In January 2017, it appeared that Mouscron the license in 2016 should not have,” says OHL. ‘Mouscron had a false statement on a loan of Goal, Malta (the company of Pini Zahavi, eds.) to Latimer (the new owners of Mouscron, eds.). To the license in 2017 to get scolded Goal Malta the loan outstanding. The royal belgian football association looked the other way and Mouscron is never punished for his false statement.’

Now it turns out that the Pro League, the other side looked. ‘From the mail of Pierre François appears that the ceo of the Pro League in september 2016, a few months after the granting of the license of Mouscron, knew that Pini Zahavi still in control. Why was there no intervention? We can only but higher interests presumption.’

Next week consultation

Herman Wijnants took Westerlo twice party against the license of Mouscron, but each time got nothing. “I’m still frustrated about,” says Wijnants. “We may not begin legal proceedings against the belgian football association but also a supposedly independent body, as the BASS helped, either. What is the relevance about that?’

Next week, there is consultation between the aggrieved parties. Lommel, belgium, OH Leuven, Westerlo but also the rest of 1B (KV Mechelen) goes together at the table to decide what the joint position they can come out. Legal steps are certainly possible, as is heard at different clubs. The Pro League threatened earlier to join clubs to punish those to the court steps, inter alia, by the works of the tv money.

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