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Turkish bond suspends Ryan Donk (ex-Club Brugge) six duels after hallucinatory brawl

The nerazzurri defender Ryan Donk, ex-Club Brugge, is by the Turkish football federation for six matches suspended due to his part in riots last Friday occurred after the duel with Fenerbahçe (2-2). Several players, coaches and officials were heavily punished as a result of their involvement in the riots.

So should coach Fatih Terim of Galatasaray seven duels to do its work, because he was the referee on the field, even insulted, and afterwards at the press conference once again firmly uithaalde. Assistant coach Hasan Sas was even given a suspension of eight duels. He went multiple opponents body.

For the same reason, got Jailson, player of Fenerbahçe, a penalty of eight duels. Both clubs were also fined.

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