Trump tightened rules for asylum seekers at the southern border

The American president Donald Trump will have this Friday a decision to sign to asylum procedures on the southern border with Mexico is more difficult to make. That says the White House Thursday. Asylum procedures will, in principle, only at official border crossings are possible, not for migrants crossing the border illegal crossings.

It should be the authorities to enable suitable staff to focus and an effective process to ensure for asylum seekers, it sounds. The measure is very controversial. Various organizations already announced that they will appeal will appeal the decision. The White House claims that the president, such a measure legally can take, because the interests of the United States in danger.

The White House also says that American courts at this time only nine percent of the asylum seekers, effectively as the refugees consider that the right to protection. The number of grensoversteken would be at a historically high level, said an employee of the White House Thursday. “This is a very big crisis.” The ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs published a joint declaration to the statements of the White House.


Trump had during the election campaign for the midterms highly profiled around the theme of illegal migration. He also announced to the asylum to change. He referred to under more about camps on the border. Should immigrants be held to decide is whether or not they legally can. He did so on the images of the migrantenkaravaan from Central America, who are on their way to the border with the US.

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