The possible Champions League-scenario’s for Ajax at a glance

The basisploeg where Ajax sat night note taipei, taiwan, in Portugal.

Scenario 1:

Ajax wins of AEK Athens or Bayern Munich

The Locals keep the control in their own hands and qualify for the knock-out stages. Ajax comes on eleven points, while Benfica a maximum of ten points.

Scenario 2:

Benfica makes a misstep in Munich or against Athens

Also in the room of financial director Jeroen Slop the champagne intervals. Picks up Benfica in the last two groepsduels namely four points and remains Ajax on zero points stitches, then end with both clubs on eight points. The better approximation result is worth its weight in gold for Ajax.

Scenario 3:

Ajax plays the same against AEK and Bayern

Also in that case, you may experience Ajax to join the elite of Europe, even if Benfica twice wins. Ajax comes on ten points and Benfica also. Again gives the better approximation result on the scales. Ajax is playing is actually the same in Athens and knocks Benfica unexpectedly Bayern Munich, the Dutch and Germans, it’s a deal throwing. For a draw in Amsterdam is the FC Bayern with eleven points group winners and Ajax by as number two.

Scenario 4:

Ajax lose both duels or fetches one point, Benfica flawless

The doomsday scenario. Despite the handsome thuiszeges on AEK Athens (3-0) and Benfica (1-0) and the high performance FC Bayern (1-1) and Benfica (1-1) rest in that case Europa League football. This is Ajax to by the board of directors set objective. But the chagrijn will for weeks be noticeable.

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