Siska Schoeters moves from Studio Brussels to Radio 2

Siska Schoeters will from January no longer be heard on Studio Brussels. The presenter moves from one VRT-radio station to the other. Schoeters comes on Radio 2, where she Britt Of Marsenille will redeem at “The ladies”. Notify the radio stations, in a press release.

Schoeters, that her first steps at Studio Brussels in 2003, as host of “The Reckoning”, looks to his own words back on a beautiful time at the radio station. “Fifteen wonderful years of Studio Brussels address them to me never more. Thank you to everyone who listened and with me worked. Luckily, I was an easy in handling! Life is music. Music for life. Merci for life. And Radio 2: here I come! With a lot of enthusiasm. And that is really much,” she says on Instagram.

Schoeters will from 2 January on Radio 2, take the place of Britt Of Marsenille with “The ladies”, which are within Radio 2, and other commands. So get the two other ladies, Anja Daems and Cathérine Vandoorne, for the fourth time since the beginning of the program a new colleague. In 2007, the Radio 2 programme, with Daems, Vandoorne and Ilse Van Hoecke. When the last departed in 2013, she was replaced by Leki which in turn was replaced by Marsenille in 2014.

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