Scotland is the first country that LGBT lessons in schools enter

Scotland is the first country in the world that lessons about LGBT+ people (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenderpersonen and others) in the school curriculum, writes BBC. Activists call it ‘a historic moment for our country”.

State schools teach about equality and LGBT inclusiveness. Experts will the schools support to the new guidelines. In the curriculum is that the pupils are going to learn about the history of the LGBT movement. They also get a wider vocabulary about gender and sexual diversity, as opposed to information to reduce homophobia and prejudices.

“Our education system must everyone support to reach their full potential to be able to achieve,” said secretary of Education John Swinney on BBC. “Therefore, it is vital that the school curriculum is as diverse as the young people at the school.”

Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) fought for the new scheme in Scotland through to get. Co-founder, Jordan Daly is very happy with the ‘monumental victory’.

Gijs Van Dyck (21), coordinator Scholenwerking of the East-Flemish LGBT youth society is Wrongly Parked, is delighted. ‘We think it’s fantastic news and we can only applaud. I hope Belgium follows, because the solution for the homo – and transphobia is education. Hatred and fear come from ignorance. The more nuances you bring to the gender – and seksualiteitsthema how to make it better.”

Volunteers of the scholenwerking of Incorrectly Parked to go along with high schools to students during two hours to give workshops about gender and sexual diversity. According to Van Dyck is in the Belgian education need.

“The fact that we are giving workshops is a sign that there is a hole in the curriculum is that we fill,” says the coordinator. ‘We always get a fantastic response from the pupils themselves. They say that they have a vocabulary to itself and the world to define. So it is really necessary.’

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