Safe Traffic Netherlands furious, calling Enzo Knol

Enzo Knol

“Enzo should be aware of the impact that this kind of images have on his two million followers,” explains spokesman Rob Stomphorst to the ANP. “He thinks it is fixed very tough to do things that he knows that it’s not allowed. But it is extremely dangerous: this behavior may have consequences for him, but also and especially for others.”

The ministry of Infrastructure and TRAFFIC have recently completed a major campaign was launched to use of mobile phones behind the wheel, ’Mono’. The fines for calling and appen behind the wheel to go next year also sharply up.


VVN has been previously agitated against BN’ers, the traffic rules in the area of phone calls to their boot rags, such as Kim Kötter and Andy van der Meyde.

Theatre producer Albert Verlinde was last year just praised, because he in an interview with Cable Compass let us know that he, while driving his smartphone in the trunk let. He can therefore concentrate better on driving.

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