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Rowan Atkinson as Maigret? So bad that the effort is

Who tonight wants to recover from a busy week, have a choice of a delicious disrespectful comedy, an Italian zedenschets and a British interpretation of the stories of Georges Simenon.


Caz 20.40-22.45 hours

You are allowed no opportunity to pass to this prachtfilm yet to see one. The late Robert Altman would be very best to work only in the 90’s (The player, Short cuts), but with this deliciously disrespectful comedy about a legerhospitaal in the Korean war, he delivered in 1970, though his business card.


Canvas 21.50-23.40 hours

This week we received the message that more than 4,000 euros net earn, there unhappy. How that works, wry manner clear in this Italian zedenschets, based on the book of the American writer Stephen Amidon.


One 20.40-22.15 hours

Rowan Atkinson cast as commissioner Maigret in this British interpretation of the stories of Georges Simenon, that has brought us spontaneously to know to reconcile with the Brexit. This is so bad that it is worth there look.

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