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Roger Ver takes a position on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Roger Ver takes a position on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork & Craig Wright

Home News Roger Ver takes a position on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork & Craig Wright

Marcus Misiak –

In a recently published Video of Roger Ver, the extroverted supporter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the CEO of about the upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is speaking. Ver explained that Wright works in the company nChain on the BCH-software implementation of Bitcoin, SV, him “deceived”.

Roger Ver and the self-appointed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright were once thick friends, and propagated that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to fulfill the true Vision of Bitcoin. This has now changed. How Ver, in the Youtube Video explains, is to say “it is never easy to have wrong, but perhaps I was deceived”.

In the Video entitled “Roger Ver’s Thoughts on 15th November, Bitcoin Cash Upgrade”, presented to the community E-Mail, he says that he at the 3. November, by Craig Wright, after has announced that it would support the Upgrade Plan of the Bitcoin ABC and not Wright’s, and nChain’s Implementation. Allegedly, Wright wrote:

If you stand on the side of ABC, do you hate Bitcoin, you’re my enemy. You’re f-king no idea what that means. You’ll find it. I am Satoshi. I wish you a beautiful life. You’re going to discover now, if you’re pissed off. And, no. You could have had evidence. Your Decision To Make. F-k you.

Craig Wright lashed out publicly on Twitter even further and accused the Bitcoin ABC support group, Roger Ver and Jihan Wu (CEO of Bitmain) with your implementation of BCH Children pornography: and the Darknet (Silk Road 2.0):

Ver claims in the Video, however, that his dispute with Wright more than personal insults and political differences. He said that he had, over time, become skeptical of Wright’s technical understanding.

Some of the things Craig says, are really just right, but other things, what he’s talking about – he has no idea. […] It seems strange that Craig refuses to participate there [at a conference] in any technical debate, and my suspicion at this point is that he can do it. And I’ve seen a few things that make me skeptical – very, very, very, very, very skeptical.

The Backgrounds

The Bitcoin for Cash network had already moved on in the last few months, continuously in the direction of the war. The Bitcoin for Cash network is updated every six months. In preparation, published, Bitcoin ABC, the dominant a Full-Node implementation of Bitcoin for Cash, in August, Changes to the consensus protocols. Craig Wright, the nChain-chief scientist, announced the launch of a competing Softeware called Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision). Both versions are not compatible with each other.

In the last few days has crystallized out that the majority supported the Bitcoin ABC Version. The reasons for this are varied and sometimes very technical. As said in the Video, but a main reason is that Craig Wright.

Ver says in the Video:

I support ABC because I think it has a better Team. I think there are people with whom it comes more easily. I think it is the people who are in General competent.

The entire Video you can see below:

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