Popular horrorstudio Blumhouse reaches box-office milestone

With “Paranormal Activity” from 2007, Jason Blum is a formula for success which are studio Blumhouse now the mark of 4 billion dollars has reached at the global box-office. The horror movie cost about $ 15,000 and spent 193 million dollars. That writes filmsite Vertigo.

Since then, Blum has specialized in films with small budgets and large profit margins as “Insidious”, “Sinister”, “The Purge”, “Split” and “Get Out”. Their most recent achievement, David Gordon green’s “Halloween”, also did a nice coin in the bag and so there is already a sequel in thought.

“I’m working on it,” said Blum. “It is very important that Green and his team return. Afterwards, we would go in search of ideas that the story in unexpected directions pushes.” Also “Get Out” may be a sequel, but that depends of screenwriter and director Jordan Peele.

“Without him, there is no sequel,” says Blum. “Otherwise the quality of the first film will be in jeopardy. I want Jordan Peele also not be put under pressure. It must really be from him.”

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