Peter Van Laet is a construction worker

Peter Van Laet, the singer of Mama’s Jacket, tells The Latest News that he is already eight years in the building construction works. “In a company of a comrade, specializing in thatched roofs and oak outbuildings such as poolhouses. At the time that he asked for him to come to work, was my musical career on the back burner. I even had a slight degout of the music business, so I thought: why not? Not one second of regret. I’m always a ‘klussenier” and since eight years, it is my job.” It is a different life than that of an artist. “But I was also already a forty-something with two children and I also knew what work was. I am training a pastry chef, for the breakthrough of Mom’s Jacket I spent five years in a pastry chef worked. I did that supergraag. When I had to give up because the group was so successful, I really struggled with that. But, take it from me: it is aanpoten, in such a bakery. Just as in the construction.”

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