Peter Hoogland returns to radio JOE

From Monday 12 november to 16 november, the ’90s are central to Joe during Celebrate the 90’s. For the occasion, presents Peter Hoogland after almost 20 years of his radio show The Country of Highlands. “The bells have spoken, the night has fallen. The stars are gone…” This iconic intro echoes still in the mind of the listeners that are there in the nineties already. Peter brings an updated version of his program, but like 20 years ago can the listeners call with him and he is not the subject out of the way. The Land Of Highland is next week from Monday to Thursday to hear from 22.00 to 01.00 on Joe. Who are story already wants to do, or suggestions want to share with Peter can surf up to

Peter Hoogland: “The basic idea remains the same: chatting with the listeners and things, dare to say as they are. Real human conversations. It is, of course, are different, it is an updated version of the program. But the program will again with serious issues and absurd humor combine.”

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