’Paradise’ is hell: great fire rages across California

San Francisco – A rapidly growing forest fire rages across California, and encompassed more than 70 square kilometers. Multiple regions are evacuated; the Americans were noise in the file, and at least five people have burns sustained.

The fire was located north of Sacramento. Thousands of people would be without power have been a variety of areas, including the town of Paradise with 27,000 inhabitants, were mandatorily evacuated. Reported that local departments of CBS.

“This fire is very dangerous. Please go if you asked,” wrote the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Nevertheless, the five people now burnt in Paradise.

According to foreign media would be located at the evacuation of large traffic jams have formed. Parkeigenaar Shary Bernacett tells how she, together with her husband, only a few minutes had to get people out of their homes.

They “knocked on the windows, screamed and shouted” to as much as possible of the 53 residents to be alert.

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