‘Our Planet’, a joint project of the WWF and Netflix

Next year, to be exact on 5 april, on the tube: “Our Planet”, an eight-part documentaireeks commented on by Sir David Attenborough. The series is the result of a collaboration between Netflix and the world wide fund for nature WWF. Also Silverback Films is in the project is involved. That is the home of film director Alastair Fothergill, the man behind the successful series ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Blue Planet’.

The subject of the new natuurreeks are the endangered and threatened species and their fragile habitats on our planet. The recording took place with the latest developments in 4k technology. On the project worked for four years in 50 countries with a crew of more than 600 people.

By the cooperation with the WWF makes the series part of a broader global project of raising awareness about the state of our planet and the threats to the environment.

Netfliw launches the series worldwide at the same time, 5 april. Also see the online platform as a way to mankind to remind us of the shared responsibility of all for the preservation of the blue planet.

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