Onana: “of Course it should not go wrong’

Andre Onana of Ajax is in it, it will be 1-0 for Benfica result with a goal by Jonas of Benfica.

The feline rescues in the final on bets of Silva, and Gabriel saw Onana not as absolution for the give away of the 1-0. “I’m here to do my job to do. Of course, I went terribly in the wrong. It was my responsibility, but that is the life of a keeper. I stopped the time right in my backpack and had to go back. Luckily, I was mentally strong.”

The Kameroener had a simple explanation for his gegrabbel. “A wrong choice. I counted on a far throw-in, such as Benfica almost always do, but now the ball is ’extended’. Normally I grab a ball, only not now.”

That Onana after his save, and the immediately subsequent final whistle the center of the revelry was told a lot about the sympathy and appreciation that his team-mate for Onana. Al kept himself modest. “I think they were mainly happy with the point. Benfica-off is difficult, and we came 1-0 behind. Nevertheless, we achieved still the result we wanted. I am happy for the boys.”

The product of the Barça-training said, however, too much optimism would watch. “Of course, may now not go wrong, but we are not there yet. We need at AEK Athens to win.”

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